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Fresh Android Games for May 2: Bumper Star Demo, Zeus Lite

by Ian Black

Drive a bumper car over your phone (Bumper Star) or be a Greek God (Zeus Lite) in today’s fresh games.

Bumper Star Demo (Free)

Love bumper car action? Now you can take it with you.

In Bumper Star, you drive a little bumper car around by tilting your phone (or by using touch screen controls if you prefer). Pick up the extra energy or speed boosts but watch out for other bumper cars that will crash into you or block you.

The time limit is key here so move quickly. Use OpenFeint to compare your scores against the rest of the world.

Zeus Lite (Free)

Don’t you get tied of interacting with all the puny humans?

This app lets you be Zeus, the God of Sky and Thunder in Greek mythology, on a bad day. You’re no longer interested in influencing people’s lives; you just want to end them in a burst of lightning.

Shoot lightning bolts down onto a city scene. Your goal: smite as many humans as you can. If you’re accurate, your lightning will gain a wider radius so you can strike more than one person at a time.

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