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Death Worm tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Violent Android games gained a lot of attention this week, thanks to protests over the Dog Wars game. But Death Worm, as destructive as it is, has remained a top app in the Android Market, immune to the woes of Dog Wars and its realistic depiction of dog-fighting. Guerrilla Bob also got an HD update, while MMORPGs continue to rise in rank, with a major update from Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim, and the beta release of Legends of Yore.

Death and destruction

Death Worm has been a quick success, with over 2 million downoads since launch. In this Android game, you’re the underground monster, ready to take on the assaulting helicopters and shooters that want to destroy you. Go on a rampage, eating people, knocking tanks into high heaven, and even destroy aliens. There’s 45 levels to explore, bonus tactics to earn, and three types of monster worms. This addictive game costs $2.99.

Guerrilla Bob has been updated for Tegra Zone, with a complete HD upgrade. The popular game is a multiplayer war zone, with plenty of bullet-happy combat scenes. The THD version has enhanced graphics with full screen post-processing effects, real-time lighting and higher resolution textures. For highly involved games such as Guerrilla Bob, HD upgrades are always welcome. This Android game costs $3.99.

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RPGs and more

Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim is one of the more popular RPGs in the Market, with a magical world of adventure and opportunity. Build up your country, fighting for resources and bringing it to prosperity. With a deep plot line and never-ending challenges, this fantasy world will require more than your basic battle tactics. The game’s been updated with more levels, adding to its potential difficulty and engagement. Improve your talents as you build an empire, for about $3.50.

Duck Hunt is a classic game that children of the ‘80s can’t resist. This remake stays true to the Nintendo favorite, with Game A and B options, depending on how anxious you are to take down some ducks. Keep that dog from laughing at you by giving him some dead ducks to retrieve. This game is free.

FarmVille fans have another time-management game to try, called Paradise Island. This free Android game puts you on an island where you must build a business empire. Attract tourists with luxury hotels and fun attractions like casinos, restaurants and dance clubs. Leverage your profits for bigger hotels, constantly upgrading your properties to bring in more business.

Legends of Yore Beta is out, awaiting courageous players to give the early version a try. The pixelated game is designed for mobile play, giving you a character and adventure on which he will embark. Work your way through each challenge, improving his skills along the way. Free, this rogue-like RPG is a win for retro game fans.

Colorful puzzles

HexDefense has taken the opposite approach to its game graphics, taking full advantage of improved chipsets in high-end Android devices. There’s fifteen challenging puzzles in this game, where you must build tower mazes to divert the enemies chasing after you. This arcade game has been growing in popularity since its early-year release. The full version costs about $1.50.

Mahjong lovers will enjoy the new twist Fairy Cubes has put on the solitaire game, with 3D cube tiles that add unique challenges for each configuration. The tiles are new, too, with fairy themes against a fanciful backdrop. Spin the 3D puzzle to access its tiles, chipping away at each match set. The Android game is $2.99, but developer Artex Studio is selling it Gameloft-style, directly through his website.

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