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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 29: Space Bunnies, Word Machine

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh games deliver kid-oriented fun. Help the bunnies get home in Space Bunnies or teach spelling through pictures with Word Machine.

Space Bunnies (Free)

These bunnies need to find their way home. Unfortunately, it’s in a distant galaxy because they are Space Bunnies!

Fly through space using your phone’s accelerometer by tilting left, right, up and down. Pinch to zoom in when needed. You’ll face wormholes, black holes and asteroid belts – each of which provides a different challenge.

The ultimate big boss in this game is the Space Fox, the natural predator of the Space Bunny. Beat him and you’re off to the “final furry frontier”.

Word Machine (Free)

Give your preschooler or toddler some word fun.

Cute graphics and bright colors keep your kid’s attention while the learning sneaks up on them. The game shows animals and asks your child to choose the first letters that spell the name from a list. Then follows fruit, colors, and other familiar objects.

All the controls are big and easy for children to manage. The humor matches a kid’s sense of humor. Even if they don’t know how to read or spell they will begin to learn by trial and error.

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