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Seasonal change is in the air with these Android games

by Kristen Nicole

Angry Birds has been a phenomenon all its own, but the regularly updated Seasons edition is part of Rovio’s marketing strategy that keeps us coming back for more. A handful of other game developers have caught wind of this strategy, updating their own games seasonally, celebrating Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day... have I missed any? It worked for cars and greeting cards. Why not Android games?

Holiday updates

Angry Birds Seasons gets an update every few weeks, with a new theme catering to the holiday of the season. Right now you’ll find the Easter edition, with bunny costumes, hidden eggs and secret treasures. The thrill of every update is the new levels and challenges it brings, essentially launching a new game with each version. This Android game is free.

Bubble Blast is another game title with holiday updates, each with its own separate app. The current focus is Bubble Blast Easter, replacing the sphere board pieces with colorful eggs. Match three or more eggs of the same color, and blast them from the screen. The holiday versions have the same game modes and levels as the base game. Each edition is free.

Retro platformer Meganoid gets some Easter love as well, with the level’s collectable diamonds turning into eggs. They’re hidden across all 70 levels of this free Android game, so you’ll have a new challenge without downloading a new game. As if Meganoid weren’t addictive enough. This game continues to grow in popularity, so more holiday updates wouldn’t surprise me.

Tower defense game GRave Defense has had a few holiday updates for Christmas, Easter, and even St. Patrick’s Day. This free Android game is a progressive challenge, as you must achieve one aspect before reaching the next. The same goes for its holiday updates -- you’ll have to unlock their features as you play throughout the game.

Seasonal changes

Baseball Superstars may not release themed game updates, but it certainly changes with each new baseball season. The full-featured game comes with six playing modes, letting you manage entire teams that match real world updates. Participate in leagues and challenges, check your stats, and see how well you maintain your averages across an entire season. This Android game is $4.99.

The Madden football game franchise is known for its annual updates. A lot can change from one season to the next, and EA’s made a killing from our sports addiction. They’ve gone mobile with their games, Madden NFL 11 having recently been updated for the current season. This tablet-only game is as realistic as it gets for mobile Madden lovers, but will cost nearly $8.00.

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