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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 25: Biohazard Escape, Knight’s Path, Death Worm

by Ian Black

Defeat a virus (Biohazard Escape), build a royal road (Knight’s Path), or eat everything in your way (Death Worm) in today’s fresh games.

Biohazard Escape (Free)

This game fills your Android with viruses. Fortunately, only the fun kind.

Here you are an honorary scientist at the Center for Disease Control. You must contain active viruses with your bare fingers before they multiply out of control. Find the energy sphere on each screen before the viruses find it and gain strength.

Choose from among different modes – Classic, where the viruses all have the same initial condition; Random, where they don’t; and Epidemic, where viruses constantly replicate.

Knight’s Path Lite (Free)

Ever hear of Hex Game? It was created by both a Princeton University mathematician and a Danish mathematician, independently, at about the same time in the 1940s.

This download recreates this classic board game on your phone. You must build a road for your knight to his castle – which is made of hexagonal cells.

Play against your phone or against another player. Be warned: Comments from players say the game is hard even in easy mode.

Death Worm ($2.99)

This popular iPhone game arrives on Android. How popular? How about 2 million downloads.

Instead of the traditional hero, you control the really angry Death Worm. If you’re familiar with the classic sci-fi novel Dune, this is the same kind of non-garden variety worm – big as a train, razor sharp teeth, fast as a cheetah.

Feel free to eat people and animals, attack cars and tanks, and jump for planes and helicopters. And, oh yeah, there are aliens too.