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Android match-three puzzler game 180 can become addictive

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Tired of all those Bejeweled knockoffs? 180 is an exciting match-three puzzler that's a lot different from anything else you'll find in the Android marketplace.

Described by the developer as a hybrid between Tetris Attack and Bust-a-Move, the object of the game is to line up rows of three of the same-color coins on a game board that's moving slowly down the screen. You have to move fast, though, because there's a red line at the bottom of the screen that the coins cannot touch or you lose. If you're confused, there's a really helpful tutorial, which visually walks you through the game.

To make rows of three, match up the color of the coin at the bottom of the screen with a corresponding stack. Then, tap where you want it to go. To make things either easier or more complicated (it depends how you look at it) each coin is double-sided with a different color on each side. You just have to tap a coin to flip it over.

The game is quite easy and forgiving in the beginning, but the combinations soon become more difficult, and you have to think more quickly on your feet. There are also a couple of different levels of difficulty, which keeps things challenging and addicting.

The game has a very simple, but very classic-looking design. There's even a little room for customization, including some bizarre little cartoon characters that react to the moves you make on the screen. The cartoons, bright colors and shapes have a child-like aesthetic to them, which, I think, plays in the game's favor. As an added bonus, the developer has noted that this game is accessible to color-blind people.

If you enjoy the game a lot, but you're turned off by the advertising, you can download the full, "ultra" version for $1.99.

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