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These time management Android games will keep you on your toes

by Kristen Nicole

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking, and exhilarating, than a game with a time limit. It puts a great deal of pressure on gamers, with nothing more alluring than the challenge of a new level, and nothing more satisfying than beating that level on the first try. The Android Market has grown quite a collection of time-management games, throwing you into pressure-cooker mode with the flick of a thumb.

For business

Diner Dash 2 is an Android Market favorite, one of several in this PlayFirst series. Keep Flo’s restaurant business booming, hiring servers and cooks, buying better equipment and growing her empire through each challenge. The more you earn, the more you can put back into the business. Managing it to the point of success, however, is the hard part. This game is $4.99.

Seasons change, and so do your crops. Reap what you sow in Farm Frenzy, putting you at the center of a well-balanced cycle of farm animals, crops and trade. Well, how balanced it is really depends on your gaming skills. Better crops yield better profits. Maybe money grows in fields, not trees. The full version of this Android game is just over $3.00.

Barrr is similar to Diner Dash, in that you manage a venue. Good customer service at Barrr is all about full glasses and epic karaoke sessions. This pub is full of surprises, with ten levels of challenging pirates and bonuses along the way. Best of all, this cute Android game is free for everyone to play.

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Try your hand at real estate development, buying, selling and building neighborhoods in this intense time-management game. Build-a-Lot has career mode and casual, giving you two ways to play estate mogul. Each neighborhood has its own set of challenges, forcing you to switch your buy/sell strategy at every turn. This Android game is $4.99.

Similar to Build-a-Lot, Hotel Mogul is a construction-centric app that’s all about location, location, location! Develop strips of prime beachfront properties, helping Lynette earn enough to buy back her company and vindicate her ex-husband. You’ll need to think quickly to buy and sell for the highest profits, bringing in workers at the right time, and knowing when to sell. The full version of this Android game is $2.99.

For transport

Launching and landing airplanes is a matter of precise timing, and no game makes it more animated than Airport Mania: First Flight. This colorful Android game tests your skills across eight airports, as you work your way up to working with jumbo jets and VIP fliers. Stay fast and focused, and you’ll earn your wings in no time. The full version is 99 cents.

One serious time-management game is Cargo! HD, where the pressure to get things right is ever-present and quite intense. Run this shipping center well, emptying incoming crates into warehouses, ensuring the right products go to the right place. This free Android game has plenty of unlockable features, duel game modes, and achievements.

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