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HALO: Mobile Edition MMORPG for Android is fun and dynamic

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Those who expect HALO: Mobile Edition MMORPG to be a mobile version of the popular first-person shooter game are going to be very disappointed.

It's actually a social network RPG in the same vein as games like Mafia Wars and FarmVille. That being said, just like these similar Facebook games, HALO: Mobile Edition MMORPG isn't accessible to everyone.

The point of HALO is for players to improve their military rank by completing different challenges and crimes. They can also fight opponents online and complete tasks to gain rewards and strength in the game.

Gameplay is limited by some timers, however. Players have limited amounts of energy, rage and courage, which means they can only perform so many tasks at a time. They recharge over time, however.

When I began playing the game, I was intimidated. The screen is covered in text and tabs, and the information doesn't seem to be organized. Not only that, but the app's designed turned me off. Not only because it's plain, but also because it looked more like a website on my phone than a mobile app.

If you're a fan of these kinds of games, though, and you can overlook its imperfections, HALO is a fairly fun, dynamic game. With lots of things to do — say, buy new equipment, get married to other players, or join a platoon — the game will keep you interested for a while.

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