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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 19: Cosmic Roller Demo, Heart Attack

by Ian Black

Solve the space maze with Cosmic Roller, or play a new game of cards in Heart Attack.

Cosmic Roller Demo (Free)

Mazes don’t need to be made of wood.

Cosmic Roller makes a maze, or as the app calls it, a “High Definition spacescape,” up in the stars. Tilt your Android to guide the Cosmic Roller through the challenge. For extra points, acquire the Time Extension and Point Crystals along the way.

Beautiful graphics, like the particle effects tail of the Cosmic Roller, we’ll keep you playing for hours.

Heart Attack (Free)

Phones are made for the quick, short, fun games.

Heart Attack is a new card game designed for fast reactions and brief games, perfect for taking out and about. The game simply asks you to tap the card that matches the rule you are presented. Tap the wrong card, or too slowly, and you lose. It’s both a mental and physical challenge.

Play by yourself or with two other players using your phone in multiplayer mode. The bright and cool graphics will keep you engaged.

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