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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 18: Deathride: Drifter Edition, Blue Skies Lite, SkyFrontier 3D

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games, you’re behind the wheel – whether it’s a car in a grim future (Deathride), a helicopter during an invasion (Blue Skies), or a ship in space (SkyFrontier).

Deathride: Drifter Edition (Free)

Remember the sci-fi cult classic Mad Max? This game is like that except it seems that everyone has plenty of gas.

In this post-apocalyptic world, the highways are hell. You pretty much have to fight to survive while out on the streets. So, weld armor onto your vehicle, arm up with extra weapons, and then hit the road.

Shoot or ram other vehicles to score points and stay alive. Earn enough money from the runs and you can upgrade your weapons or even your car.

Blue Skies Lite (Free)

Welcome to the Blue Skies Air Force Academy! Unfortunately, just as you are about to begin your helicopter training, your country is invaded.

Use your phone’s accelerometer to pilot your helicopter by tilting your Android back and forth. Battle against attacking tanks, planes, helicopters, blimps, and mines.

Rock out to techno tunes, level-up among the 30 levels, and upgrade your weapons to missiles, bombs, lasers, and fireballs.

SkyFrontier 3D (Free)

In space no one can hear your engine rev.

SkyFrontier 3D takes NASCAR to the outer limits by letting you race in space. Drive the course by jumping from platform to platform without losing speed. Press the button at the right second or you’ll miss-time the jump.

You’ll find 3D graphics, three levels of difficulty, plus cool music and sound effects.

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