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Android shooter game PewPew 2 takes aim at earlier version's shortcomings

by Caitlin M. Foyt

The newest version of the dynamic shape-shooter game, PewPew now has even more ways for users to play.

PewPew 2, the sequel to the popular and colorful line- and shape-shooter game, now includes even more game modes (there are now seven instead of four), multiple difficulty levels, and there are even different ships you can unlock as rewards for outstanding shooting. Naturally, these aspects add to the game's already strong replay value.

I've read a lot of complaints from different gamers on the PewPew forums, about how they've found the original PewPew to be unreasonably tough. What's nice about the sequel is that gamers from all skill levels can select a difficulty level that's within reach from the app's main menu.

What most devout PewPew players will notice, though, is that the game now includes a whole new challenging single-player campaign, which is made up of 10 levels. These games are much more involved (they include boss battles) and require more time to get through.

What's nice about this new gaming mode is that it gives users options, allowing them to choose their preference between quick, short rounds and more drawn-out adventures.

Everything you loved about the original PewPew game, the graphics, smooth controls and dynamic gameplay is still present in this version.

Where PewPew was free, this new version is asking users to pay $2.88. The two games aren't so different so the price difference might feel drastic to some. I don't think the price tag's unreasonable, though. Each version is a high-quality download, so I prefer to think of it as if I'm paying for both games at once.

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