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Android app Godville lets you grow a hero

by Ian Black

The saying goes "It's good to be king," and you'd infer that it would be great to be a god, but things don't always work out like you would hope. Godville is an amusing new app that lets you take a divine role in the workings of a virtual world. It's fun, though a more difficult job than you might think.

Create and name your god character and your virtual world's hero on the starting screen of this app. Once made, your hero sets off on a series of quests to gain experience and achieve "pantheons" like gratitude, unity, might, greed and many others.

There are no graphics here, just a running diary with new Twitter-length entries appearing every few minutes about his (or her) latest battle, the strangers encountered, the coins and trinkets collected and so on. My favorite part of the game was the "Control" section, where you, as a god, do all your influencing. You can send messages to your hero just by typing them in (the hero will receive them either on a tablet, which drops from the sky or he'll hear a booming voice shout them out — and, of course blog about the experience in his diary). You might also encourage or punish just by pressing the labeled buttons. The result will be divine interventions, like miraculous wound-healing (encourage) or a devastating fire (punish). The hard part: Your hero has free will, and doesn't always understand the meaning of the messages you send. Thus, guiding your hero toward success isn't easy.

Jump in on the free Beta of this app while you can. It's different and fun, and worth a look.

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