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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 12: Maximus Discus, War of the Titans, Refraction

by Ian Black

Become a futuristic gladiator in Maximus Discus, a Greek god in War of the Titans, or a laser light scientist in Refraction.

Maximus Discus Free (Free)

Tron Legacy doesn’t have an exclusive on dangerous disc games.

Play in an alternative future where life or death gets decided in a game of Gladius Disc. In Conqueror mode, you can follow the career of Maximus over 10 stages and 50 levels. Arcade mode puts you right in the heat of battle slinging Shadow and Electro discs.

Unlock mini-games as well as over 30 achievements and trophies.

War of the Titans ($0.99)

My Big Fat Greek War.

Take up a role in Greek mythology in this fresh app. Join Zeus, Perseus and others in the city of Argos on a quest to defeat the mighty Kraken. Grow in experience, purchase weapons, and encounter interesting characters like a bowman, knight, dwarf, sari, and witch.

The developers claim the controls are easy for even beginner RPGers.

Refraction ($2.99)

Don’t hide our light under a bushel. Let it shine.

Guide a laser light through a maze by using mirrors, prisms, and other tools. You’ll find over 120 levels ranging from easy to hard, a series of different mazes to keep you challenged, and easy to use controls. Create a rainbow of color using the tools to solve the maze or go for the most points by using the smallest number of connectors.

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