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Speed demons: Get your fix with these Android games

by Kristen Nicole

The latest flick from the Fast and the Furious series hit theaters last month, so get yourself into gear with these racing-themed Android games. From epic car crashes to custom paint jobs, there’s something for every speed demon on the road.


Asphalt 6 is the latest from Gameloft, continuing the popular series of racing games. Complete with HD, this $4.99 non-market racer puts plenty of shine on its cars, giving you something sexy to look at while you drive. Choose your course, customize your car and play other drivers in real-time. Push your career mode by joining a league, and participating in race events.

EA Games recently launched Need for Speed Shift on the Android Market, giving you 20 high-end cars to customize and race. Sit in the driver’s seat, racing through a dozen or so tracks. Track your progress in career mode, and work your way through the entire circuit. This game will cost you $4.99.

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Stunt racers

Jet Car Stunts takes you up, down and all around, across 3D race courses that are out of this world. Pull through big jumps, in-air rings and floating platforms, in this virtual obstacle course that could never exist in real life. If it’s fantasy racing you’re after, this challenging game is for you. Get the full version for about $2.00.

Reckless Racing is an Android favorite, with off-road racing that lets you get down and dirty. Slip and slide across treacherous race courses, and sneak in a few drifting moves where you can while taking out the opposition. This online multiplayer game recently launched its HD version, which will run you $4.99.

Raging Thunder 2 Play is the latest in Polarbit’s racing series, with HD graphics and plenty of tricks to pull off. The purpose of this Android game is to drive as fast as you can, racing through the streets, avoiding obstacles and beating online competitors to the finish line. At $4.99, this racer comes with several game modes as well.

Speed shifters

Pocket Racing is a top Android game, with old-school 2D graphics that follow your car around every track bend. There’s eight courses to choose from, and a handful of cars, which can be customized for optimal handling. Track high scores on OpenFeint, and strive for the best track time. The full version costs just over $3.00.

Street Racing is for racers who thrive on achievements, with online gameplay and plenty of trophies to win. Pick your car and location, follow your stats, and see who’s the best racer of the underworld. You’ll have to prove yourself in this game, earning money with race wins so you can make improvements to your car. This Android game is free.

Touch Racing Nitro is known for its unique touch-control features, which spin your fingers round on the screen for shifting, steering, accelerating and more. The virtual D-pad is gone, but this Android game is designed to react to the position of your fingers. Play in tournament or race mode, take a monster truck off-roading and participate in cup challenges. This game costs about $4.00.

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