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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 11: Bomb To Collapse, Doodle Pirate, Pool Night 3D

by Ian Black

Ever thought about working in demolition? Bomb To Collapse makes your dream a reality but introduces a “careful what you wish for” twist. The rest of today’s fresh games let you sail the seas (Doodle Pirate) and shoot some pool (Pool Nite 3D Lite).

Bomb To Collapse (Free)

Watching the demolition of a building is always fascinating. Everyone always feels a small pang of anxiety imagining someone still inside.

In Bomb To Collapse this fear is realized because every floor contains random folks unaware the building is coming down. Strangely, your job is take out as many of these folks as you can. You must plant bombs accordingly to ensure maximum destruction.

Doodle Pirate ($0.99)

Have I mentioned I love “doodle” games? Have I mentioned I like pirates? What can be better than doodle pirates?

Tap your Android to move your pirate ship back and forth through the seas to capture jewels and treasure.

Make sure you avoid rough seas and sea monsters or your pirate adventure will be over in a hurry.

Pool Night 3D Lite (Free)

There are several pool games available for Android but not many are 3D.

This game gives you a realistic perspective on a game. You can play a variety of pool games including 8-ball, 9-ball, straight, and rotation. Challenge your phone or a friend to a round.

Customize the table with different color or sizes to personalize your play. If you like this free version, the full version provides additional features and unlimited play.

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