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Android game Angry Birds Rio ups the ante once more

by Ian Black

The birds are back, but they've left the greedy pigs and the farm behind for a warmer clime. In this movie tie-in sequel to the phenomenally popular mobile game, the famous birds with anger management issues have been kidnapped by tropical bird traffickers and transported to Rio, where more suicidal sling-shooting ensues. Overall, it's a blast, with better graphics and more challenging forts than the original.

What's different? Before you start, you must wait through a few more splash screens of involved parties — like Fox Digital Entertainment — because the birds probably have agents and an entourage at this point. You'll hear a carnival-style dance-mix soundtrack that suits the Rio theme. Then comes the game itself.

The action takes place in locations matching those from the movie Rio — the smuggler's den, the jungle, the beach and so on. The graphics are noticeably slicker this time around with cool touches — like revolving warehouse fans and bouncing blow-up beach tubes — that provide a real sense of place.

Instead of attacking pigs, as in the original game, the birds fling themselves at forts made of wood, glass and other materials, trying to free caged tropical birds that have been captured by the villains. The forts are more elaborate and comical than the first game, and include barrels of TNT, cardboard boxes and hidden goodies, like pineapples, that garner extra points.

All in all, the game is well worth the download. As a sequel, it's different enough and more challenging to make it worth your time.

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