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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 7: Three Card Monte, Sun Screener, Pocket Putt Disc Golf

by Ian Black

NBC Universal comes to Android with some cute and silly apps that might be the spark of some late night comedians. Play the game of street hustlers with Three Card Monte or play the cabana boy for a ritzy resort with Sun Screener. Finally, go hit the disc links with Pocket Putt Disc Golf.

Three Card Monte (Free)

NBC Universal takes you out on the streets of NYC to play Three Card Monte.

The classic card con comes to Android. Keep you eye on the Queen of Hearts as the sleight-of-hand street vendor shuffles three cards across a cardboard-topped table. Tap the correct “money” card when the shuffle is done to win.

The game gets harder with each round. The only thing missing is the smell of the mean streets.

Sun Screener (Free)

Another silly NBC Universal silly for Android.

Wealthy women socialites are sunbathing on the beach. They’re either too lazy or too wealthy to turn themselves over when they’ve had too much sun so you have to do it for them.

Tap the sunbathers to turn them over, and when they get fully tan, send them into the cabana with a swipe. A socialite meter tells you how you’re doing. The game gets more challenging as you go.

Pocket Putt Disc Golf ($1.99)

Trapped in a cityscape without a frisbee? Escape in your mind with the freewheeling fun of disc golf on your Android.

Beautiful photo-realistic holes bring the serenity of playing in a lush landscape. Compensate for the wind strength and direction as shown by an onscreen meter, then swipe with your finger to fling the disc.

Use the practice session to hone your skills before the app starts keeping score.

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