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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 6: Bob’s Island Odyssey, Rogue, Block Busta

by Ian Black

Block Busta delivers a fun re-invention of the classic block breaker-style game in today’s Fresh Games. Otherwise, you can set sail for adventure in Bob’s Island Odyssey or get medieval in Rogue.

Bob’s Island Odyssey Lite (Free)

Tropical is topical this time of year. Bob’s got the right idea - escape to the islands.

Unfortunately, Bob is a pirate (this is actually Bob’s second adventure game) who deals is stolen merchandise. This time, Bob’s evil brother Burt has stolen Bob’s special gems. Now, Bob must go on an island odyssey to get them all back.

Jump and double-jump by tapping the screen and help Bob avoid snakes and other obstacles to retrieve the stones.

Rogue ($2.99)

No high-res graphics here – just adventure!

You’ve gone rogue in a land of magic and monsters. Explore, gather treasure, and fight for you life in dungeons, forests, towns, and mazes. Learn important skills like trap disarming, pickpocketing, and alchemy.

Choose a large knapsack because along the way you’ll be picking up scrolls, potions, wands, runes, and other magical objects.

Block Busta FREE (Free)

Imagine a block breaker style game with super slick graphics and you’ve got Block Busta.

The blocks, paddle, and the ball pop off the screen with bright colors. Every so often a puffy cloud will float by to temporarily obstruct your view. Bubbles will trap the ball and carry it away. Suddenly the controls will reverse so that a drag to the right moves the paddle to the left. The game works hard to keep you challenged.

A bopping soundtrack keeps you playing for a long time.

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