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Take your game outside with Downhill Bowling 2 for Android

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Downhill Bowling 2 is a lot more fun than your standard game of bowling.

Instead of being confined to a smoky bowling alley, your game is set in the outdoors, in your choice of either Green Mountain, a plush, tranquil panda habitat, the dusty Wild West, or the damp and dark Cave. Each world has its own cute characters, which add an extra fun element to the game.

Direct your bowling ball down the course using tilt controls, and do your best to knock down the sets of pins on the track, collect as many coins as you can, avoid the spiky bombs, and pick up the helpful power-ups along the way. If you need to leap over obstacles in your path, there's a "Jump" button in the right corner. Minus the whole racing factor, the game's tone reminded me a bit of Mario Kart for Nintendo 64.

The way the game works is that you can only progress to the advanced levels after you've collected enough coins to unlock them. The more advanced the level, the more coins you have to cash in to get there. Because it's not always possible to advance on the first try, you might have to play a level a couple of times first. Some people might find this annoying, but I think it gives the game maximum replay value.

When you're not trying to buy your way into the next level, you can spend your coins on new bowling balls, which have more fun designs and seem to be a little more aerodynamic.

Downhill Bowling 2 is in 3D and has graphics that are very appealing to the eye. Unfortunately, its tilt controls are very sensitive and loose, which makes even the slightest movement difficult to control.

If this becomes too irritating, you can goof around with the steering options in the settings menu. The issue I encountered here is finding that happy medium.

The game's also a little bit twitchy. Occasionally, the picture will freeze for a movement, and because Downhill Bowling 2 is so fast-paced, it takes a second to regain your bearings once things start moving again (I especially noticed this problem after I upgraded my bowling ball).

When the whole screen freezes, there's a chance you might inadvertently fly into a body of water and sink to the bottom. I appreciate that Downhill Bowling 2 is nice enough to yank you out, put you back on dry land, back you up a few hundred feet and give you a do-over.

I found this to be a fun alternative to your traditional bowling game. It's well-designed, has a lot of replay value and, because it's free, there's no reason not to give it a try.

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