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Stimulate your mind with these free Android word games

by Kristen Nicole

Maybe it’s because I’m a bookworm, but I love word games. They keep me on my toes, and teach me a new word every now and again. Word games on your Android are wide-ranging, some best for solo play, while others let you play others, even your Facebook friends. Whether you’re in it for the education, or just want to beat your buddies’ high scores, here are some Android word games to stimulate the brain, and fingers!

Spell it out

WordFeud is a multiplayer Scrabble-like game, with a muted design that’s easy to read. You can run as many simultaneous games as you can handle, so there’s always a game awaiting your move. The game’s got plenty of options, for dictionaries, push notifications and board types. Lose the ads for about $3.00.

Words With Friends has become an instant classic, marking Zynga’s entry to the Android Market. It’s a social word game similar to Literati, or Scrabble. You can chat while playing, and the game’s graphics make mobile playing quick. Leverage the letter tiles you have with strategic bonus points--you know, the thrill of a triple score. Words with Friends is free.

DropWords considers itself a mix between Boggle and Bejeweled. The game methodology certainly mixes things up, with letter tiles dropping off as you create words with them. The result is a refreshed letter tile set with every word completed. The bigger the word, the bigger your opportunity for board replenishment. High scores are golden achievements in this addictive game.

Wordsmith is an intimate multiplayer game, supporting up to four players on a board. Play friends or strike up a random game. Keep gameplay flowing by running multiple games. Wordsmith keeps close tabs on game stats. Chat with players and view their profiles. The free version will suffice for most players, but for about $2.50 you get 60 simultaneous games and additional game stats.

Crossword & search

Shortyz Crosswords is for those longing to hold a folded newspaper in their hands, with tons of free puzzles, and even a premium option for The New York Times dailies. Select which publications’ crossword puzzles you’d like to download. There’s plenty of hints to push you along, and settings for how much help you get. This Android app is free.

If its elongated ovals you like, there’s always WordSearch Unlimited. Play as many word search games as you like, getting hints as needed. Tracing letters with your finger is a lot more expedient than circling stretches of letters on paper. This clean Android game has themed boards and categorized word lists.

Boggled yet?

wordoid! comes with a board full of letters, waiting to be formed into words. You can go in any direction to connect letters, and earn bonus points for certain tiles. Sometimes you’ll even get a wild card. That should boost your score quite nicely. The longer words get bigger scores, so stretch your mind and your fingers. This Android game is free.

TextTwist 2 has made the jump to mobile, with a sequel to boot. Shuffle the six letters you’re given, spelling out as many word combos as you can. Your time is limited, so you’ll have to spell fast. Don’t get the six-letter word? You won’t advance to the next level. This free Android version’s got five game modes, and trophies to unlock, adding a few perks the early PC editions lacked.

WordPops Lite is a delightful game, with word bubbles ready to pop with each word completion. You start with an empty board, and it’s in your best interest to keep it as tidy as possible. Spell fast; don’t let these hypnotizing bubbles get too crowded. This Android game is free.