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Fresh Android Games for Apr. 4: Meganoid, Pyxidis, Snail Mail for Android

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh games take the past and turn it into something new. Meganoid aims to create a new Super Mario Bros, Pyxidis evolves jewel games, and Snail Mail for Android twists the racing genre with a unique character.

Meganoid (Free)

Retro games fit beautifully on the phone – low-res graphics, simple music, small screen. It’s like turning your Android phone into a time machine set for the 1980s.

Meganoid is a modern homage to the classic arcade games. You control a character whose greatest skill is jumping, a la Super Mario Bros, through a cityscape. This side-scroller features the simple graphics, 8-bit sound, and straightforward challenges of the original video games. On-screen controls feel a little like you’re using a game controller.

OpenFeint lets you track your progress against others and provides a leaderboard for you to challenge yourself with.

Pyxidis (Free)

Jewel games are a dime a dozen, so it’s nice to see one do something new with the basic concept.

Pyxidis still wants you to connect three or more items of the same color, except this time they're not jewels and the items aren’t locked into a grid. Here the objects are different colored striped balls that are strewn all over the place.

Use your finger to trace a line through the jumble to connect identical balls in groups of three or more. You get more points for more balls and you must fill buckets of each color before you can move to the next level.

Snail Mail for Android ($0.99)

Here’s an ironic twist on a race game. “Snail Mail” used to refer to the US postal mail service just at the time when email first came into vogue. This game makes it literal and uses a snail as an interstellar delivery agent.

Tilt your phone left and right to keep the snail on the cosmic track on its way to deliver the mail. Neither traffic nor obstacles must keep the snail from its appointed rounds.

You’ll find over 50 levels of play and three modes – Postal, Challenge and Time Trails. Connect to your OpenFeint account to post your scores and check the leaderboard.

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