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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 30: Caverns of Fire, Kung Fu

by Ian Black

Go retro with Caverns of Fire. Then go monkey nuts with Kung Fu.

Caverns of Fire (Free)

Called a retro style cave flying/shooter game by its developers, in this game you must fly your ship through lava-filled caves while you try to stay alive.

This game uses the accelerometer to pilot the ship so you’ll need to tilt your phone to fly. Tap the screen to shoot, and you must execute a touch and go landing on each of the landing pads spread throughout the cave.

Avoid the deadly stalagmites and stalactites and pools of lava or you’ll wind up dead.

Kung Fu (Free)

Donuts, monkeys, and nunchucks – what’s not to love?

You’re a monkey who loves a good donut. Fortunately, three of them have magically appeared at your feet. Even better you have a pair of nunchucks in your hand in case someone likes donuts as much as you do.

Swing the nunchucks, by tapping the touchscreen, to beat off the monkey hordes that want your snacks. Once the last donut is gone, it’s bye bye monkey.

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