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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 29: Pipi Quest, Baby Baby, Ninja Toss

by Ian Black

Not every day is a top-tier day for fresh games. These are pretty slim pickings on the fun-o-meter but you still might want to douse the toilet paper (Pipi Quest), raise the baby (BABY BABY) or toss the ninjas (Ninja Toss).

Pipi Quest (Free)

Games don’t have to make sense to be fun. Take Pipi Quest, for example.

Mysteriously, all the toilet paper is alive, complete with faces and legs. Even more shocking, all the living toilet paper is on fire. Understandably, all the little rolls are upset by this turn of events, so they’re running around like crazy.

You control a fire hose that shoots out, rather strangely, yellow water. You must douse the burning rolls before they burn to death. Use your phone’s accelerometer to guide the cross hair over the frantic TP to save them.

After that, there’s a bunch more fire.


Use this game to promote abstinence in teenagers.

It’s a virtual pet style game except it’s a human baby girl you must care for, not a dog or cat or made up creature. Your success is measured on making the baby happy, healthy, clean, and fed.

Use the seven areas of the house – including dining, living room, bedroom, bathroom, playroom, and strangely, hospital room and office – to increase the gauges that keep the baby alive. Time is of the essence so ask your teen to check back frequently in the game.

Ninja Toss – Sling Shot Game ($1.00)

Ninjas are pretty indestructible. In recent games, you can send them up skyscrapers (NinJump) or run them off cliffs (Ninja Dash) or rooftops (Ninja Rush). Now you can toss them.

These ninjas are skilled at tightrope walking. Unfortunately, at either end of the rope lies a spinning blade of death. Therefore you must slingshot the ninja over the obstacles to maintain their health. It’s a little like Angry Birds without the birds and with a lot more blood.

Ninjas can be injured not just by the spinning blades but also by landing on their swords.

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