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Aporkalypse — Pigs of Doom offers plenty of action for Android gamers

by Tim McLain

Fans of bacon, Angry Birds and even Plants vs. Zombies will find something to love in Aporkalypse, a new app that successfully combines elements of puzzlers, strategy games and arcade action in one pig-tastic package for Droid owners.

Unfortunately for our porcine protagonists, the gates of heaven and hell have opened prematurely, blowing a hole in an ancient prophecy that the Four Pigs of Doom were to foretell the end of existence. Now it's up to Hunger Pig, War Pig, Pest Pig and Death Pig (yes, pigs, not horses!) to team up to stop the end of times from coming to pass.

Each pig brings his own set of unique skills to each puzzle level. Hunger can suck in objects like Kirby, and drop them in other locations or on switches to trigger things like bridges. Pest Pig can pass gas that stuns enemies, and turns them over to your control, while War Pig is all about firing ordnance at far-away targets so they go BOOM. Finally, Death Pig can transform into a ghost to get past crazy traps or even ride on clouds.

You'll need to guide the pigs across the puzzlescapes, using their abilities to get past challenges, traps and other hazards, all the while picking up coins. With its razor-sharp graphics, silly soundtrack and sometimes tricky controls, most players will enjoy helping the pigs avoid the Aporkalypse.

Still, after a few levels, you might find the overall experience becomes a little bland. Try the free version before plunking down your hard-earned app cash on this newcomer. Oink!

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