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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 28: CamGun, Android Hole, Pigeon Panic

by Ian Black

Leave it to game developers to be both creative and weird at the same time. Check out the CamGun below and see if you don’t share my acid stomach anxiety. Read on for a mindless maze game and a wacky mobile version of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

CamGun ($0.99)

This game is both slightly disturbing and mildly brilliant.

We’ve all heard about “augmented reality” where looking through your phone’s camera is combined with useful location based info. Camgun foregoes the useful and heads straight for the fun. Real life becomes a first person shooter experience. You look down the sites of a gun at your friends, co-workers, or just strangers on the street and then fire by tapping.

Switch between two types of guns and a light saber. You can snap a picture while you’re at it and even use the game to document your kills in Human vs Zombies on campus.

Android Hole (Free)

I’m going to propose a new category for the Android Market – “standing in line time waster.” I’ve encountered several games that aren’t very complicated and that don’t require hours of investment, but they are fun for the few moments you need to mentally escape while standing on a line.

Android Hole is such a game. Maneuver your ‘Droid character – now a popular game character as well as a corporate logo – through a series of mazes by tilting your phone (using the accelerometer). The mazes and challenges increase as you move up levels.

Pigeon Panic ($1.12)

Farmer Joe is having pigeon trouble. The frequent droppings are bad enough but these pesky birds are also stealing the food from his farm animals.

Farmer Joe is fighting back with Wile E. Coyote style gear. He’s obtained a book on pigeon hunting and purchased a bomb-throwing slingshot. Now, you’ll have to take charge to clear up the problem.

The game cleverly combines accelerometer play with finger slingshot action. Tilt your phone back and forth to move Farmer Joe out of the way of incoming pigeon droppings while also dragging back the slingshot to release a lit-fuse bomb at the winged invaders.

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