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Battle Boats 3D tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

It’s been a big week for Android games, with the Amazon Appstore launch bringing another outlet for mobile games. Publishers and gamers alike have taken to Android, with high hopes for the widespread reach of Android-ready games. Herocraft launched Battle Boats 3D, while the popular PewPew game sees a second edition.

War & gore

Battle Boats 3D is the latest Android game from Herocraft, and is one of their best. You’re dropped into the middle of a war between three rival gangs, which takes place in post-apocalyptic waters. Pick which clan you’ll join and take to the water, shooting your way through each mission. It’s a race to beat the other two gangs in this $1.60 game.

PewPew is back, with a sharp-shooting sequel for the popular Android game. PewPew 2 is a retro-themed game with seven modes and three levels of difficulties. Race your space ship against flying enemies, unlocking more ships as you progress through the game. This multi-directional shooter is around $2.75.

Pokemon characters are the main players of a new tower defense game, as the old gang must unite to keep Professor Oak’s lab safe from attack. Pokemon Tower Defense, still in alpha, transports you on another journey, taking on different missions as you try to solve this mystery.  Your Pokemon will learn and improve their skills the more you play.

Ghost Wars Pro is a ghastly game of strategy and experimentation. Sabrina the witch has been terrorizing the local village, and it’s up to you to outsmart her army of ghosts. Fight fire with fire, concocting your own defenses, taking them to battle to see if they’re enough to conquer the enemy. Earn bonus powers and capture Sabrina’s Tree Base in this free game.

Outbreak! Zombies Beta is a location-based game you play in real life, tapping into GLAST (GeoLocation Apocalypse Survival Tool). This free beta game has a radar so you can see other survivors, and hungry zombies too. The danger in using this app is it makes it easier for zombies to find fresh meat too!

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Puzzles & more

Geared has come to the Android Market, marking itself an instant hit. This challenging puzzle game is simplistic with hand-drawn designs, where you apply basic physics to get the gears in motion. Free, this game has over 100 unique levels to choose from. There’s plenty of ways to challenge yourself, with time trackers, rank awards and different levels of difficulty.

Godville is like a choose-your-own-adventure book, where you determine the actions and fate of your protagonist (which you create). The zero-player game evolves over time, as you create the story for your hero. He’ll eventually work his way up to fighting enemy monsters, earning money and more. This free app doesn’t look much like a game, but it can be addictive in its own way.

Box It! 2 (Free) is a new sokoban game, where you must push statues around various mazes to clear a path for your character. Set in Kazarakt ruins, Marv is out to solve ancient Incan mysteries. All you have to do is relocate the heavy statues to get Marv where he needs to be. Free, this Android game has 20 levels of fun, with 80 more levels available in the full version.

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