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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 25: Encoded - Standard Mode, Geared, Prism Light

by Ian Black

Determine once and for all if you are smarter than your phone (Encoded), get yourself in gear (Geared), and go toward the light (Prism Light).

Encoded – Standard Mode ($1.63)

Ever play the classic board game Mastermind? It’s based on the fundamentals of code breaking and it’s a nerd rite of passage. This game recreates Mastermind on your phone.

Here, your phone creates the code of four colored pegs that you must crack in ten or fewer attempts. Make your guess and the phone will tell you how many are correct in both color and position and how many are correct in color but not position.

This app gives you different games modes – some which restrict your time to solve the puzzle. You can also save your in-progress game or create your own pegs for use in the game.

Geared (Free)

A critically acclaimed iPhone game arrives on Android.

You’re presented with a set of colored gears and a challenge involving how the gears must be used. The grid-free board allows you to set the gears down and connect them together in any way you want.

The game offers many levels of difficulty and does not lock you out of higher levels, so you are free to skip around for a suitable challenge. A time tracker and a reset button will help you stay focused. Your puzzle can be saved mid-way if you need to cool off before you continue.

Read the many positive reviews and then give it a try.

Prism Light (Free)

Find your way through these mazes with a beam of light.

Choose from one of fifty puzzle boards where you must guide a laser beam of light from its source to the exit while dodging black holes, worm holes, and other obstacles. You have mirrors, prisms, and other light bending tools at your disposal.

There are multiple solutions for each level but your score will vary depending on how well you employ your light tools. Check your high score against the global leaderboard.

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