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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 24: Rocket Defense, Rubber Bandy, Chapaev’s Checkers

by Ian Black

Defend your nation (Rocket Defense), bounce the ball into the cup (Rubber Bandy), and play the old classic board game of the Soviet Union (Chapaev’s Checkers).

Rocket Defense (Free)

Do you have fond memories of Missile Command? Good news, you’re not alone.

Rocket Defense puts you in charge of national defense. Unfortunately, you’ve got a gaggle of incoming nuclear missiles flying in to destroy your cities. Use your artillery to destroy in the bombs in flight, just like the old Missile Command. You can light up the night in a desperate last-ditch attempt to save humanity.

Every ten thousand points you earn brings one of your destroyed cities back to life. But, the longer you survive means the incoming missiles speed up. When all your cities are gone – it’s game over.

Rubber Bandy ($1.00)

Not every game needs 3D graphics or blistering processor speeds.

Rubber Bandy is simple yet challenging. Tilt your phone to get a ball, anchored to a central point by a rubber band, to move. To score, you must sink the bouncing ball into half-circle cups positioned around your screen.

What’s tricky? Some of the cups are turned around such that you need to bounce the ball against the boarder to maneuver it into the cup. Real life physics make controlling the rubber-banded ball harder than you imagine.

Chapaev’s Checkers (Free)

This game’s creators say Chapaev’s Checkers was the most popular board game in the Soviet Union. I wouldn’t know about that, but it is a truly weird twist on the friendly family game.

In addition to the regular sliding and jumping, you can knock the opponents checkers off the board with a shuffleboard style shot. Drag a checker backward to increase the power then let it fly. Directional arrows show you the direction of your attack.

The player with the least checkers on the board at the end wins. You can play versus your phone, against another human on your device, or against someone else with an Android phone.

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