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Try your hand at Car Conductor: Traffic Control for Android

by Kate Currin

The free Car Conductor: Traffic Control app for Android reminds me of a New Age Frogger. I also think that traffic controllers in Chicago, or any city for that matter, could use it for practice, instead of standing on the sidewalk watching the traffic go by in their orange vests. Instead of directing your frog from lily pad to lily pad, you direct cars, vans and Jeeps into the right lane of traffic flow based on their respective numbers.

It's pretty elementary, but tough once traffic really starts flowing. You simply swipe your finger on your Android phone's screen to drag a line from the numbered lane of traffic where the vehicle is to the numbered lane of traffic where the vehicle should be. Again, it sounds really easy, but I was lost quickly once more than a couple of cars drove onto the screen and the game threw in roadblocks.

Unlock challenge mode for each level by getting full stars in the regular mode. Each level has a different kitschy traffic theme to keep you guessing, like beach, town, city, village, desert and glacier.

It's a great game for all ages. Kids will love to challenge other joy riders at this game to pass time on road trips, making this arcade app game a perfect road-trip find. It's also a great way to pass the time while waiting for the bus or while on your lunch break.

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