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Worms for Android is a game that's easy to dig

by Ian Black

Worms run the spectrum of violence and danger. You've got your garden variety — literally, the peace-loving worms in your garden — then you've got your god-like beasts of planet domination from the sci-fi classic Dune. The main stars of EA's Worms fall somewhere in the middle, but they lean toward the mayhem monsters of Dune. These worms are surprisingly destructive, and they're armed to the — well, worms don't have teeth, do they? — tail.

It works like a turn-based strategy game. Two teams of worms — "Champions" and "Clowns" face off on a rocky outcropping over water. When it's your team's turn, choose the weapon you'll use, set the aim, and press the bull's-eye icon to run your plan. Because of the dramatically overpowered weapons — rocket launcher, suicide bomber, machine guns and the like — the action is intense and over-the-top funny.

To switch weapons, click open the weapons crate, and browse through your armory. You'll find the practical (guns), to the questionable (blow torch), to the absurd (giant foam finger prod). If the situation looks hopeless, choose the white surrender flag.

Play in one-player mode against your phone or two-player where you hand your phone back and forth to your opponent. The game guides you through each turn pretty clearly with helpful messages.

My only complaint: All the worms look alike, so it's sometimes hard to distinguish your team from the enemy. Colored nametags that hover over players are there to assist you.

Overall, if you like turn-based strategy games, Worms is a blast. You'll never look at your backyard worms the same way again.

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