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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 22: Fruit Smash, Box It! 2, Meteor Brick Breaker 2

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games, destroy fruit in a new way (Fruit Smash), navigate an ancient Inca maze (Box It! 2), and play a twist on the old brick breaker concept (Meteor Brick Breaker 2).

Fruit Smash ($1.22)

Ever get the sense we all have something against fruit? Fruit Ninja launched a fruit slashing craze that swept the Earth. Now, it’s our turn to smash ‘em.

Here you tap, instead of swipe, to smash various luscious fruit – strawberries, bananas, pears, you get the idea. They roll in over a wooden backdrop and will leave the gruesome stains we’ve grown to love across the board as they burst. Just watch out for the bombs. Tap one of those accidentally and they’ll blow up and end the game.

Complete fifty sets without blowing up a bomb to move up to the next level. Think of it as your daily requirement of fruit.

Box It! 2 ($2.42)

You’re a handsome adventurer in the jungle trying to unlock the mysteries of the Inca.

Solve your way through maze after maze as you move deeper into the lost city of the Inca on your path toward truth. Ancient statues block your way, so you must slide them out of the way in order to proceed.

Sounds easy, but it’s not. Your ultimate goal is a mine beneath the lost city’s ruins that legend says holds a trove of gold and jewels.

Meteor Brick Breaker 2 ($1.99)

Brick breakers are still classic. There is something uniquely satisfying about smashing through a wall armed only with a bouncing ball and a paddle. Meteor Brick Breaker was a popular Android version of this action game that combined the brick breaking concept with a shooter game. Here’s the sequel.

Hidden inside the blocks are power-ups, power-downs, hostile robots, and spaceships that will destroy your futuristic ship/paddle.

This game starts with thirty levels and the creators say ten more will be added every ten days.

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