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Android game Chalk Ball Lite is way better than cleaning erasers

by Kate Currin

Who knew a piece of chalk could be so entertaining? It's old-school fun on your Android phone, minus the sneeze-inducing dust from eraser-cleaning, and the screeching sound of your grade school arch nemeses scraping his nails along the board. The object of the free Chalk Ball Lite app is to make sure your cute little chalk ball doesn't fall by drawing chalk lines on the board and keeping the ball bouncing. Of course, if it was that easy, why would you keep playing?

This arcade game throws in twists and turns, including the most important point, the chalk lines you draw disappear after a matter of seconds, and you don't have an unlimited supply of white chalk — hitting other chalk balls amps up your chalk supply, however.

The survival mode of Chalk Ball is much like playing paddle ball. The object is simply to draw strategic lines to keep your chalk ball in the air. Playing in the adventure mode is a little more, shall I say, adventurous. The 'easy way' mode is my favorite. You aim to hit the star by advantageously placing your chalk lines. There are different themed adventure modes to keep you guessing, but for some of them, you have to upgrade to the paid version of Chalk Ball. I found that the fun of Chalk Ball Lite was enough for me at this time without upgrading. But if you end up playing Chalk Ball Lite daily, you'll probably want to upgrade eventually.

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