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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 21: Guerrilla Bob, Flag Swipe, Swamp Defense

by Ian Black

Go mercenary with Guerrilla Bob, puzzle your way through foreign flags using Flag Swipe, and fight swamp things in Swamp Defense.

Guerrilla Bob ($2.99)

What to be a solider of fortune? Try stepping into Guerrilla Bob’s shoes for a few minutes. It’s an adrenaline rush all right, but you’ll leave a lot of bodies in your wake.

Guerrilla Bob is a 3D shooter with great graphics, wild characters, and loads of mayhem. Stroll down the dirt lanes of developing countries, deserts, and other places lacking effective gun control, killing the enemy before they kill you.

Collect the money that the dead bodies leave to upgrade your weapons in the store. Choose among machine guns, molotov cocktail, flame throwers, chain gun, double Uzis, and many more.

Flag Swipe (Lite) (Free)

I’ve reviewed games that quiz people about the flags of other nations, but Flag Swipe is a little different.

Here you get flags that are mixed up like a jigsaw puzzle. Swipe flag elements – like a star, color block, or other image – into their correct places with your finger. Play Mode will time you but if you want to take more time, try Free Mode.

Learn foreign flags in great detail while solving puzzles. Great for kids or adults. Over 50 flags from randomly selected countries appear in each session.

Swamp Defense ($3.51)

Here’s a new trend alert for you – clever new twists on tower defense games. Several app development companies are taking the old idea – medieval towers defending a path – and turning it into something new.

Swamp Defense puts in you charge of defending your territory against ugly swamp monsters. Instead of traditional towers, you’ve got a “family” of tough country folk with unique talents. Old Flint uses dental adhesive as his weapon, Hank has an electro beam, Maggie welds kitchen appliances, Buster shoots a gun, and Little Joe sports a rocket launcher. Choose among 15 levels with twisty turning routes.

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