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Illusia tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Android’s platform is becoming more attractive to developers all the time. As brand-name publishers test the Android waters with a game or two, they can’t resist coming back for more. Gamevil’s riding a wave of success with Zenonia, launching Illusia as its next fantasy game. Asphalt 6 is the latest Gameloft title to hit Android, making for more racing fun.

Adventurous play time

Illusia is a retro-style side-scrolling action RPG action, with a developed story line, custom characters and seven beautifully rendered environments to explore. Make your journey in one of several game modes, changing your mission goals at every turn. For $4.99 this unique RPG is worth exploring.

Parachute is a new take on the classic jumping game, where the fun is in the drop down. You’ll still have to avoid obstacles on the way, maneuvering your chute by tilting your phone to collect power-ups and other bonuses. It’s all fun, until you run into an enemy creature, which you’ll have to defeat during your fall. The full version comes with all 40 levels, for about $4.00.

Pirates and Traders takes you on a sea-fairing adventure, sailing the Caribbean to amass your wealth. In this strategy/role-play game, you can take the high road as a merchant, trading at each island post, or the low road, pirating other ships to boost the booty. Choose your skill level, customize your ship, and build your fleet’s empire. Get the full adventure for around $5.15.

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Cars & more

Asphalt 6 gives you speed junkies a fix, laying out 12 tracks to race, and an extensive car lineup to make your own. Customize vehicels to your liking, race the best for each course, and play other racers in live games. Don’t crash too hard, as car damage is one of Asphalt 6’s updated features. This non-market HD Android game is $4.99.

Car Conductor: Traffic Control can be quite a smash-up, as you try to keep rush hour from turning into a pile-up. As the traffic conductor, you must guide cars to the right lane, where speedsters like to keep good traffic flow. This free Android game features a handful of themed traffic scenes, from the city to the desert.

There’s enough cricket fans out there to make the Big Cup Cricket Free app a winner this week, with simple gameplay and global leagues. Play cricket in real time against other fans, making for a highly competitive online game. This Android title has multiple game modes and plenty of leaderboards, all for free.

Attack! Attack!

Guerrilla Bob has finally found his way to Android, with an evolved shooter that will blow you away. With a unique design and multiple game modes, this cross-platform multiplayer has plenty of enemies for you to destroy. Buy, steal and collect guns and other bonuses, discover the secret areas in story mode, and work your way up to the epic boss fights. At $2.99 this game is a winner.

Abyss Attack is a simple space shooter with colorful graphics and a number of specialized environments to explore. Fight aliens across the galaxy, working your way to each of the eight bosses featured in this early game edition. Tilt your phone to navigate the ship, collecting missiles, tapping your phone to shoot down enemy ships. The full version costs just under $3.00.

Astro Defense is a new hit in the Android Market, with a spaced-out tower defense game where you build a galactic empire. Upgrade your towers with the money you’ve earned, accomplishing the incremental challenges throughout the game. There’s plenty of specialized weapons to work towards, each with their own power and tactical advantage.

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