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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 18: Dot Boxing, Paperboard Soccer, XAP! Fortress Beta

by Ian Black

Keep your kids from fighting over pencils (Dot Boxing), make soccer fun again (Paperboard Soccer), and get your daily requirement for zombie killing (XAP! Fortress Beta) from today’s fresh games.

Dot Boxing ($0.99)

Not sure how long the game Dot Boxing has been around, perhaps as long as paper and pencil. If you don’t know if by name, you’ll know it when you see it. It’s the game showing a large rectangle of dots. On your turn, you draw one line between two dots, forming one side of a square. Complete a square and place an “X” or an “O” inside it to mark it as yours. Whoever ends up owning the most squares wins.

Kids love this game – and now you don’t need a paper or pencil to play, just an Android phone. Keep more than one kid busy for an hour with this download.

Paperboard Soccer ($0.99)

Soccer can drag on and on in low-scoring games (which, by the way, are most of them). The most exciting moment, that always sends the crowd into a vuvuzela frenzy, is the shot on goal.

Paperboard Soccer distills the game into this moment. Marvel at the 3D graphics and use the real-life physics to curve the ball around the defenders. Consecutive goals get added together to make your high score.

Hear the roar of the crowd celebrate that it isn’t a low-scoring game.

XAP! Fortress Beta (Free)

There are a lot of fortress attack games out there, but this one’s a little different.

Here the fortress is a maze protected by zombies. Your mission is to destroy the zombie defenders and the whole fortress. The game combines strategy and shooting, because the fortress fragments can kill you just as dead as the zombies, so you must be clever about what segment of the maze fortress you destroy.

Because of its Beta status, the game is free and the developers are requesting feedback on the gameplay and any issues you encounter.

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