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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 17: Micronytes Demo, Astro Defense Free, Illusia

by Ian Black

Get really small with Micronytes, fire up the cannons in Astro Defense, or head to the right really fast with Illusia. Fresh fun for phone fans.

Micronytes Demo (Free)

Remember the sci-fi classic movie Fantastic Voyage? Even if you don’t, IMDb says a remake is in the works scheduled for release in 2013. The high concept: a VIP with a terminal medical condition requires doctors be miniaturized and injected into the patient to fight the disease first-hand. That’s Micronytes.

You control a Micronyte doctor battling deadly green bacteria. Run, jump, and climb your way through the maze-like innards of the human body so that you can stop the bacteria to death one at a time. Watch for killer green goo, stomach acid, and many other organic dangers ready to take you out. It’s challenging and fun.

Astro Defense Free (Free)

Like tower defense style games? How about tower defense on steroids?

Instead of just the regular marching meanies, this strategy game’s bad guys are EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse, in case you failed the nerd license test) Monsters who can shutdown your towers in a heartbeat. Fortunately the Gods of War have armed you with tower powers like fast rapid cannon, power rocket cannon, area attack explosive cannon, ranging sniper cannon, and the handy EMP-slowing cannon. Think we have enough cannons?

Illusia ($4.99)

Ever play Zenonia? It’s an exciting fantasy RPG by GAMEVIL Inc. and one of the first games that made Android owners say things like, “hey, maybe Android is a gaming platform after all.” Well, say hello to Zenonia’s baby brother.

Illusia is a side-scrolling casual action RPG. What the heck is that, you ask? It means you run and jump and fight all heading this way >>>, instead of the wander-aimlessly-through-the-village format of Zenonia, Legends of Zelda, and other such games. This one rocks.

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