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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 16: Abyss Attack, Cyberlords - Arcology, Speedx 3D Free

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games, go deep sea exploring (Abyss Attack), create your own cyborgs (Cyberlords), and head straight down the drain (Speedx 3D).

Abyss Attack ($2.78)

Forget deep space, all the real danger is under the sea.

Abyss Attack is a beautiful shooter game. You pilot a deep-sea fighter craft through a dark ocean chasm, while amazing creatures try to kill you. Pick up missiles, weapon upgrades, and health power-ups, as you move. The game uses the accelerometer to move and you fire the weapons by tapping the screen.

Try the free demo and you’ll be hooked. The thrilling graphics and imaginative creatures alone are worth the download.

Cyberlords – Arcology Free (Free)

Medieval fantasy RPGs are everywhere, but this game goes back to the future to deliver a clever science fiction RPG.

You control an elite team of four cyber-warriors in a dark future where corporations have all the power and people have none. Augment your team with NanoGear implants that let them take control of security cameras, hack into robots, increase strength and many other cool super-powers.

After the team’s ready, lead them into combat missions to infiltrate the evil corporations and fight the power!

Speedx 3D Free (Free)

Stay seated while playing the free, ad-supported version of this 3D tunnel racing game. Te high-speed, brightly colored, spinning graphics might make you dizzy.

The setup is simple. Drive as fast as you can through a twisting, turning tunnel. Avoid the obstacles that come out of nowhere as you haul buns down the tube. Tilt your phone from side to side, using the accelerometer to steer.

Your pulse might end up racing as fast as your vehicle in this addictive game.

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