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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 15: Explorer Heroes, FiFtHeEn Game, Live Blackjack 21

by Ian Black

Sometimes you just have to do the numbers. In Explorer Heroes, you must figure out the odds of your merry little band of heroes taking out the Lizard King. In FiFtHeEn Game, you have to count up to, but not over, 15 to win, and in Live Blackjack 21 (beta), you’ll get to play 21 against your friends, live.

Explorer Heroes (Free)

Gotta get away? Try switching out your role with that of the heroes of Arcadia.

This fantasy role-playing game sets you back in medieval times. You need to defend an embattled town much like in the movies Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven. In this game, the enemy isn’t bandits it’s monsters. Tour the village and talk to the townspeople to find out more about the trouble you face – namely the Lizard King in the dungeon. Realistic photos give a sense of the place and times.

Use the in-app messenger to alert your friends about the game and tell them how you’re doing.

FiFtHeEn Game ($1.07)

This time waster may be just fun enough to keep you interested. It’s a short two-player game that’s all luck.

Your goal is to make a sum closest to 15 without going over. Choose a number between one and five while your phone picks its own number. If the sum goes over 15 when the phone picks, you win and vice versa.

Find out once and for all if your smartphone is smarter than you.

Live BlackJack 21 (beta) (Free)

The Android Market is filled with Blackjack card games, but this one is a little different.

Play 21 against your friends live in real-time. Use Facebook or the Mobile Social service to connect with up to four friends at once. You start out with $1,000 in chips then win and lose based on your hands. Hit, stand, or double-down just like in the casino.

The graphics are cool and the gameplay is addictive.

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