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Android App Video Review: Meganoid

by Erik Fikkert

Platforming games were the beginning genre for many iconic characters in today’s video games and we’ve seen a few of the classics make their debut on Android before. A few of the developers have tried to start their own classics but none have arguably caught on until now.

A small game that is receiving more and more attention called Meganoid is working its way up to becoming a well-known platforming game for Android phones. The game plays out like many of the classics with a simple control scheme and some of the hardest levels to pass this world has seen. The game features a simple soundtrack to accompany its treacherous gameplay and overall, the presentation was great.

Occasionally, the controls would have some issues on my phone but most of the times I died were completely my fault. The game didn’t offer two much variety in what you needed to do, but the core mechanic stayed true causing me to try over and over again to beat a level.

Since the game is available for free in the Android Market, I definitely suggest checking it out.

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