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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 14: Stellar Escape, Boxed, Traffic Control: Car Conductor

by Ian Black

Escape, escape, escape! Stellar Escape has you run for your life, Boxed asks you to leave the building, and Traffic Control: Car Conductor puts you in charge of getting everyone out of a jam.

Stellar Escape ($1.41)

You’re a deep space courier in the dangerous Beta Sector. You’ve made a very bad move and now you’ll have to run for your life back to your spacecraft to escape.

This game boasts amazing 3D graphics and a frantic pace. With one tap you guide the hero Elliot Black to jump over, under or through the obstacles as he sprints toward his ship. You’ll encounter nine increasingly difficult levels over five different environments.

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Boxed ($2.75)

How strange! You’ve awoken in a mysterious room and you don’t know how you got there or why.

Nonetheless, you must stay alive long enough to get out. The trouble: dangerous attackers, like insects and creatures, are all around you. If they touch you, you’re dead. Colored sections of the floor show the number of points. Step over the sections to collect the points and level-up.

Because it uses your Android’s accelerometer, tilt your phone up, down, left and right to get moving.

Traffic Control: Car Conductor (Free)

Wouldn’t it be great if you were in charge of fixing a traffic jam? In this game, you are.

Drag the buses, trucks, and cars to their appropriate lanes and then tap them to make them go. Each vehicle has a number that matches the lane it needs to exit through.

The great graphics and fun soundtrack will keep you playing traffic cop for hours.

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