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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 11: Sinister Planet, Doodle Frog, Saucer Wars

by Ian Black

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember to blast meteors (Sinister Planet), avoid being run over (Doodle Frog), and repel alien invaders (Saucer Wars).

It’s all fresh, all the time!

Sinister Planet ($2.10)

I’ve already expressed my affection for the old classic arcade game Asteroids in previous freshie news. So, it will be no surprise that I’m lovin’ Sinister Planet. Imagine Asteroids re-booted for the 21st century – just like Daniel Craig did with James Bond or Johnny Depp did for Willy Wonka.

You command a fighter spacecraft in deep space. Avoid or destroy beautiful blazing meteors and planets, then fight off over 20 waves of alien attackers. Shoot in 360 degrees of multitouch action, snatch power-ups, and battle for global high score.

Doodle Frog ($1.38)

You know I love hand-drawn game graphics from previous freshie columns. So, it’s no shock that I’m hopped up over Doodle Frog.

Slide your finger up, left, or right to guide the defenseless frog through the dangerous obstacles of the human-sized world. Hop onto passing boats to cross the river without drowning. Then, jump like crazy and dodge the cars on the highway.

Where is the frog trying to go? Anywhere but froggie heaven!

Saucer Wars ($0.96)

I’ve already expressed – aw forget it. Who doesn’t love flying saucers?!

Running a moon base is a tough business, especially when hordes of invading aliens wander by. Fire the lightning guns from the lunar surface to blast the saucers back to outer space before they touch down.

Earn galactic level points for waiting until the last minute to shoot the saucers or for taking out more than one alien craft of the same color with one lightning shot.

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