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Honeycomb 3.0 inspires springtime Android games

by Kristen Nicole

Judging by Google’s latest Honeycomb lawn ornament marking the official arrival of their latest Android platform, spring must be in the air. If the hint of warm weather hasn’t hit your neck of the woods yet, thaw out with some springtime-inspired Android games. From bumble bees to garden scenes, there’s nothing like a stimulating game to pull you out of winter’s hibernation.

Buzzing bees and bugs

In Bumble Taxi you’re a bumbling bee taking spring time worms to their new apple homes. You’ll encounter a few obstacles along the way, like hungry birds, jungle walls and floods. Using tilt control, this cute and colorful game is simple and fun. Ad-free gameplay will cost you about $2.00.

The BeeWee bees are mean competitors, ready to sting at any time. A card strategy game, the idea is to destroy your opponent’s hive. Each card has its own move, trumping or surrendering to enemy bees. Build and defend your hive, while wiping out the other player’s. This color-coded card game supports multiplayer gameplay, and is free to download.

If springtime bugs just make you squirm, Splat!: Bugs II is the game for you. Just squash the pesky insects by tapping on them, as they crawl across your screen. The challenge behind this free game lies in skill and timing, squashing as many as you can in the time allotted. My mom always told me, if you don’t kill it now, it will make babies... and a bigger bug problem!

Garden zen

Looking forward to springtime gardens? Warm up with Bonsai Blast. It’s a puzzle game where you must shoot marbles at a moving chain, matching three or more in color. With each level rotating a zen-like garden scene, this free Android game will excite your senses.

There’s nothing more reminiscent of springtime than a fruitful farm. Popular Android game Farm Story gives you the full farm experience, from growing fruit to raising animals. Buy and sell produce in the marketplace, and decorate your farm with the virtual goods you buy. Free, Farm Story makes farm-raising fun.

Daisy Garden Lite lets you grow a flower plot right on your home screen. Arrange your Android garden to your personal preference and bring springtime a little closer. Like a real gardener, you can pick flowers to make arrangements, and swap photos of your virtual nursery. This app is free.

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