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Android shooter game PewPew combines old and new styles

by Caitlin M. Foyt

PewPew is a fast-paced shooter with old-school arcade-game graphics and a handful of different ways to play. It's a very colorful, entertaining game with a lot of replay value.

Looking like a video game out of the early 1980s, PewPew uses simple lines and shapes to represent your enemies. As a small yellow space ship, your job is to use the app's two joystick controls to avoid contact with these quick aliens and blast them to bits.

With four different gaming modes in a single app, it's safe to say that users won't tire of PewPew as quickly as, say, your average mobile game.

In "MegaGore" mode, as you fire at your enemies, some will explode when they're shot, and other will ricochet across the screen. Choose between the strategies of ducking and covering or busting on through the explosions.

When you're in "Dodge This" mode, you must collect as many boxes as you can, while avoiding contact with the enemy. Waves of enemies come after you in "Assault" mode and in "Chromatic Conflict" mode, you can only attack the shapes that are the same color as your ship.

Each of these different mode's gameplay seems to move at a very rapid rate, making things even more challenging than I anticipated. I wish the developer would have included the option to lower the stakes by including more varied levels of difficulty.

The game uses multi-touch, virtual joysticks, which don't work at all like your traditional mobile-game controller. They take a little hands-on practice before you can really get a grip on how they work. PewPew, fortunately, has a helpful little tutorial at the start of the game, which gives users a demonstration, and then provides an opportunity to try out the controls before an actual game begins.

While the controls might take some time to get used to, it should be noted that they do respond very well to touch and movement. I didn't encounter any problems in getting my shooter to move quickly and exactly where I wanted it.

The game's graphics are the real draw of this game. They have a look that fans of retro games will probably get a kick out of. At the same time, though, these visuals are very bright, colorful and vibrant. PewPew seems like it could be accessible to all kinds of people.

Because it's free, there's no reason not to give it a shot.

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