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Atari-inspired Android games

by Kristen Nicole

Atari was the only game console in the house for a good portion of my childhood, and with two big brothers, I didn’t get my fair share of game time. Fortunately, Atari’s making a comeback of sorts, thanks to dedicated fans and the Android Market. Between emulators and retro-inspired games, I can spend all day playing Atari classics, with no siblings to fight off.

Atari emulators

Get the full Atari experience with the Droid2600 emulator. This port of the Stella Atari VCS emulator is compatible with nearly all of Atari’s game catalog, and features multiple inputs, including an on-screen joystick, paddles, keypad and tilt control. You can save your games, install them on an external storage device, and more, with this free Android app.

The Droid800 Atari emulator really gets into the spirit of things, with a comical retro theme. With this free app you get on-screen console controls, load options for disk, cart and tape images, and map buttons to emulator functions. The 8-bit experience isn’t lost on Droid800, and this emulator has plenty of advanced features for true aficionados.

ROM Gripper is a wide-ranged emulator, supporting Atari and every other game console in the market. Manage your emulators and their game catalogs, having your pick of the litter. Well organized, this free emulator manager keeps ROMs filtered, ensuring the games you want are always in reach.

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Atari classics

Pong and Atari are synonymous. Get your fix with Pong by Paul Kilgo, giving you a pretty classic take on the Atari favorite. Use your touchscreen (or your trackball, if you’re Android old school) to control your paddle. Play against the AI or another player, and relive your childhood with this free Android game.

Deer Hunter 3D looks way better than the Atari game that inspired it, but it’s fun nonetheless. Point, aim and fire, tracking down wildlife in over 30 scenic environments. This Android game is a real as virtual hunting gets, with changing seasons, tracking methods and skill points to earn. The full version of this game is $4.99.

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