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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 8: Anagramic, Game of Life, War The Card Game

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games, Anagramic tests your word skills, Game of Life teaches you about cellular automata, and War The Card Game lets you play the classic card game with your kids while out and about.

Anagramic (Free)

Improve your vocabulary. Bone up for Scrabble. Sharpen your brain against Alzheimer’s.

Anagramic gives you a list of letters. Your job is to make as many words from the set as you can. You’ll find three different modes to keep you thinking and five different levels to challenge you. The letter sets are randomized so you won’t get bored seeing the same set each time you launch the app. Before you exit, check the history of stats on your performance.

The Game of Life (Free)

In college, I built the Game of Life only using circuits and a circuit board. John Horton Conway invented the game in 1970. It’s really a model of cellular automata but it’s cool to check out.

You don’t play it like other games; you just set it up and watch what happens. Start with a few cells next to each other and make the rules, like cells that are adjacent to other cells live in the next generation (turn), and then watch which cells live and die. Over the course of a few seconds you can clear the board, fill it, or make something in between.

War The Card Game ($0.99)

No, War isn’t as sophisticated as Bridge, Poker, Hearts, or many other card games, but it’s still fun and a great busy-bee game for kids.

Multi-touch drives two hands at once, just like you would play with real cards. You and your opponent sit on either end of your phone. The deck sports 52 cards so you won’t see ten aces over the course of a game. Tap to throw your next card and watch for the thrilling match that starts the W-A-R, War!

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