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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 7: Ninja Dash, Pandas vs Ninjas Zoom

by Ian Black

It’s ninja fever in today’s fresh games. Ninja Dash lets you guide a ninja on his run for survival. Pandas vs Ninjas Zoom has you battle against the ninjas for the control of panda territory.

Ninja Dash (Free)

Ninjas can be heroes or villains. In this app, the ninja is a good guy on the run.

You must navigate your ninja’s downward trek from platform to platform. Tilt your phone a little to make him run or a lot to make him sprint. Avoid the deadly katanas dropping from the sky, but catch the hearts for extra lives.

The platforms themselves may be challenging – with treadmills, spikes and other obstacles.  To help overcome them, try stepping into the bubble shields floating past you.

Pandas vs Ninjas Zoom (Free)

Birds and pigs can’t have all the fun. And, Angry Birds can’t make all the game revenue there is to be had.

Here ninjas play the bad guys. They are invading the panda’s homeland. The pandas fight back by throwing their young at the ninjas – who are hiding in forts make of wood and stone.

Sound familiar? Oh, yeah. This one is Angry Birds with a different look. Still, it’s fun and different enough to keep you playing.

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