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Flight Control finally lands on Android

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Though it's premise is as simple as drawing lines across your touch screen, Flight Control is a challenging strategy game that you'll probably find addicting.

In Flight Control, you're an air controller who has the task of guiding planes in for a safe landing.Different colored planes (red and yellow) and helicopters (blue) will fly onto the screen, and it's your job to safely land each aircraft on the runway or landing pad. The idea is to make sure the planes don't crash into one another on the way.

To guide a plane, you use your finger to draw a path for the aircraft. When your path is set, the plane follows it. To adjust the path, tap the plane again, and draw a new one.

Things aren't hard when there's only one or two planes on screen, but as time passes, more fly in, and things become a little more hectic. You quickly have to learn how to multitask and improvise, create temporary circles and loop-the-loop paths to keep the planes from crossing. The key, though, is that you can't forget about these planes because their paths will eventually end and they'll just keep flying straight — which, can prove to be dangerous.

Flight Control might not be an original concept, but, no matter how many times I've played, it's still addicting. It doesn't get old, and its 1940s/'50s theme is a cute touch. My personal favorite is the encouragement the game gives you when you successfully land a plane: "Good Show!," "Splendid!" or "Jolly Good!"

What sets Flight Control apart, though, is the fact that this game warns you anytime two planes come near each other. It also has tons of different achievements you can earn, based on how many planes you land.

The game's one major flaw, though, is that collisions sometimes happen at the edge of the screen, just outside your field of vision — and you can't do anything to stop them. This gets a little irritating after it's the cause of your demise multiple times.

Overall, though, this is a very fun, addicting game.

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