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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 4: Android Lander, Air Attack, Chalk Ball

by Ian Black

Go retro with today’s fresh games. Android Lander and Air Attack recall arcade games of the 1980s. Chalk Ball sends you back to grammar school to clean the erasers.

Android Lander ($1.99)

Remember the classic arcade game Lunar Lander? Maybe you aren’t old enough. It was really cool, but you don’t have to take my word for it ‘cause Android Lander gives you a similar ride.

Your mission is to guide Google’s Android character to a safe landing on ten different planets. Use the touch control to adjust his thrusters up, right, and left (gravity brings him down). Navigate obstacles like stalagmites and stalactites on your way to a level landing area. Fifty levels will have you playing for hours.

Air Attack (Free)

Here’s another new version of an old arcade game. This time there’s no specific old reference. Many games worked this same way.

You control a fighter jet and start with five precious lives. Enemy fighters are going head on for a dogfight. Getting hit by enemy fire or enemy planes themselves costs you a life. Move left and right to avoid the fighters ‘cause if you get down to zero it’s game over, baby.

Score points by shooting down the enemy before they reach you. You get more per kill in higher levels. But, keep in mind, upper levels mean the enemy planes fly faster too.

Chalk Ball (€1.49)

Stop reading this and go download Chalk Ball. It’s unique, fun, and will leave you with game amnesia – (where you look up the clock and can’t remember how long you been playing).

The screen becomes a school chalkboard. You see one ball (really a circle of chalk) that moves and can bounce. You must keep the ball bouncing and not let it drop off the bottom edge of the screen. You must drawn lines on the chalkboard for the ball to bounce off of and stay in play – but you only have one piece of chalk. When the chalk runs out you can’t draw. Replenish the chalk by knocking the ball against other balls filled with chalk. Sounds simple? It’s not!

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