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Fresh Android Games for Mar. 3: Deadly Chambers HD, Aporkalypse, Tap of War

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh list, Deadly Chambers HD arrives as a 3D first-person shooter, Aporkalypse lets pigs save the world, and Tap of War digitizes the old, classic tug-of-war game.

Deadly Chambers HD ($2.99)

Think 21st century Doom. Sometimes there’s nothing to do but run and shoot.

This app thrusts you into a set of chambers that are, uh, deadly. Bad guys are everywhere. Fortunately, you have a machine gun, are fleet on your feet, and you’re not afraid to die.

Great 3D graphics and an over-the-shoulder camera bring you right into the action. You have to kill the boss of each level before moving on and up. Although this game has been around awhile, this new HD refresh is perfect for tablet and high-end device users.

Aporkalypse FREE (Free)

The four Pigs of Doom have been accidently unleashed on the world before their proper time. The pigs – Hunger, War, Pest, and Death – must join forces and use their supernatural powers to save the world.

Guide the pigs through challenging levels – overcoming obstacles, gathering keys, solving puzzles. The fun comes through the great graphics and gameplay. You’ll need to combine the pigs' powers to level up.

Tap of War (Free)

You know the game Tug of War? Two teams pull on the ends of a long rope trying to move a flag tied in the middle across a winning line.

Tap of War brings this camp favorite to your phone. Play in one or two player modes. The faster you tap, the stronger you pull your end of the rope. Imagine the uses – you can play with your drinking buddy to determine who picks up the bar tab, or with your spouse to decide who does the dishes.

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