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TileStorm HD Android game jumbles up the fun

by Caitlin M. Foyt

The 3D graphics are pretty impressive in the cartoony and futuristic puzzle game TileStorm HD. However, because gameplay is so simple, it might not be worth the $4 download.

The game's objective is to create a pathway for a robot named Eggbot to follow from start to finish. It works like the plastic sliding picture puzzles you might have played as a kid. Tiny squares and pictures of a puzzle are jumbled up. You have to make sense of them, and put them in the correct order. The tiles move in pretty much every direction, but, once in a while, you'll encounter a stubborn tile that's very selective in its movement, which adds a fun challenge to the game.

You're ultimately trying to complete an entire level, which is made up of 25 individual puzzles. Each level is set in a different location: "Industrial," "Egypt," "Medieval" and "Jungle." You can't, unfortunately, skip from level to level. You've gotta finish your business on "Industrial" before you can advance to "Egypt."

The puzzles throughout each level don't necessarily start out very easy and then progress to extremely difficult. They're varied, though, which is a nice change in pace.

Eggbot is a very cute little guy, and something about the game's overall art style makes it fun to play. TileStorm HD also has an atmospheric soundtrack, which enhanced the gaming experience. After I had been playing a while, I barely noticed the music. My boyfriend, did, however, and found it to be annoying. I had no trouble tapping into the settings and shutting it off, though.

I didn't come across any noticeable issues as I played, which is also a huge plus.

TileStorm HD is a very strong game, even for having such a simple and unoriginal concept. That being said, though, $4.00 is a bit of a steep investment for a game, so a lite version would be a welcome addition.

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